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Canopy Certified Program Information


The Canopy Certified Program is an online certification that guides Kentucky for-profit companies through the process of operationalizing their internal and external Good. The Canopy Certification is meant to be a simple entryway to the greater Good Business Movement. Entities working in this space include Canopy Certified, B Labs, Triple Bottom Line Businesses, and Public Benefit Corporations (PBCs).

Canopy Certified Program Information



The Canopy Certified Program is an online certification that guides Kentucky for-profit companies through operationalizing their Good: the work they do for their people, community, and environment. The Certification is a one-size-fits-all model that can be used by businesses of any size in any industry.


The Canopy Certification allows companies to move from Good Business fundamentals to greater sophistication by measuring impact, setting goals, and continuously improving over time.


Certification content is sourced through best practices and expert feedback. Since Good Business is constantly changing, Canopy consistently conducts research that grounds the Certification in current best practices and real-world applications. 


Canopy Certified Companies are committed to operating with the best interest of Kentucky and its people in mind as they grow profit and work to solve our social, economic, and environmental problems. A Canopy Certified Company provides verification of its continuous efforts to treat people well, lead with integrity, and positively impact the communities they serve.


The Canopy Certified Program is designed to be:

  • A simple, accessible, and affordable approach for all types of companies wishing to become a better business
  • Focused on Kentucky businesses, addressing Kentucky’s issues, and created by Kentuckians
  • Valuable for companies looking to improve company culture, social and environmental impact, profitability, and more
  • Flexible with a mix of requirements, resources, and electives 



Kentucky Business Eligibility Standards 

Canopy currently only Certifies “Kentucky companies,” but we acknowledge that there isn’t always a bright-line definition of such in today’s global business environment. The purpose of this division is to ensure decisions and commitments made over the course of your Certification will impact Kentucky’s communities, workforce, and environment. For clarification purposes, we have developed the following rubric to guide our verification process.  If you have any questions concerning your company’s eligibility, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]


To be considered a Kentucky company for Canopy Certification, you must answer “Yes” to #1 OR #2 

  1. Is your business fully incorporated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky (domestic corporation)? 


  1. Is your business an autonomous company or subsidiary empowered to make localized decisions on Company Culture, Governance, and Social/Environmental programming in Kentucky? 


AND answer “Yes” to #3 OR #4

  1. Are at least 51% of all employee payroll taxes paid in Kentucky? 


  1. Do you pay annual payroll taxes for at least 50 employees in Kentucky?  


Canopy Membership 

To become Certified, you must first apply for Canopy Membership and submit your payment information for your monthly fees. Both must be done before you can access the Main Dashboard of the Certification Portal, where the resources and Fundamentals forms are housed.  Head to our Membership site here – https://canopyky.org/membership-payment/. There is no additional fee for Canopy Certification. The only financial requirement is the maintenance of membership fees. 


Canopy’s Membership Certification Fees are determined by a sliding scale based on a company’s annual revenue:


Company’s Annual Revenue  Monthly Fee 
0 – $999,999 $50
$1,000,000 – $4,999,999 $100
$5,000,000 – $9,999,999 $150 
$10,000,000 – $14,999,999 $300
$15,000,000 – $19,999,999 $400
$20,000,000 – $29,999,999 $500
$30,000,000 – $49,999,999 $750
≥$50,000,000 $1,000



Canopy Fundamentals

Companies enrolled in the Canopy Certification begin by completing all required points of inquiry in the Canopy Fundamentals. Canopy Fundamentals serve as a foundation for the Good Business practices companies will implement throughout the program. After approval of Canopy Fundamentals, a company earns Canopy Certification and has eighteen months to live out and fulfill commitments made during the Canopy Fundamentals before they may begin Continuous Improvement. 



Good Businesses take both an internal and external approach to creating positive impact. This understanding underpins the Canopy Certification, which is structured around four focal tracks. These tracks aim to comprehensively address the diverse components that contribute to the foundation of Good Business.  

  • Leadership: Establishing leadership commitment to Good Business values and practices
    • Topics include: Improvement, transparency, accountability, accessibility, and social and environmental progress
  • Governance: Doing Good is captured in both company processes and policies so leaders and employees can hold each other accountable to Good Business practices 
    • Topics include: Board of Directors or Oversight Committee, policies, and business strategy
  • Culture: Employees are honored, respected, and celebrated within the organization
    • Topics include: Employee engagement, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), positive work environment and support, financial wellness, and benefits
  • External Impact: Activities related to a business’s Social and Environmental Commitment Statements are tracked and measured
    • Topics include: Commitment statement creation, Good Business awards and designations, philanthropic giving, volunteer efforts, and organizational partnerships


Continuous Improvement

Canopy’s Continuous Improvement Process is comprised of updating information from the Canopy Certified Application and Canopy Fundamentals, reporting on your social and environmental programs,  and completing Electives. These elements must be completed every 18-24  months in order to remain in the program. 



Canopy Dictionary

The Canopy Dictionary defines and sources any terms a company may have questions about as they work through the Canopy Certified Program. 


Best Practice Case Studies

Canopy has gathered a library of the best social and environmental programs from companies throughout the Commonwealth. The case studies contain information like cost of the program, how to grow the program to sustain impact over time, organizational partners for the program, and more. 


Learning Modules

The Canopy Certification provides online courses for companies to learn more about Kentucky, the Good Business Movement, and the Certification. Learning Modules contain different forms of resources, including interactive games, videos, podcasts, or articles. 


Employee Survey 

Companies must complete an employee survey annually as a requirement of the Canopy Fundamentals. If a company does not have an existing employee survey that they use, Canopy offers one that will measure employee engagement, satisfaction, and alignment to company values. 


Canopy Certified Leadership Pledge 

In order to establish leadership commitment, companies must have leaders sign and display the Canopy Certified Leadership Pledge as a requirement of the Canopy Fundamentals.


Canopy Warm-Up 

The Canopy Warm-Up is a set of questions answered at the beginning of the Canopy Certified Program for companies to set expectations and intentions. Each renewal period, companies have the chance to look back on their original answers to reflect on how they have worked to accomplish them.


Impact Report

The Impact Report is a report of internal and external impact generated by a company’s answer data upon completion of the Continuous Improvement Process.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Canopy provides a list of frequently asked questions during the Canopy Certified Program in order to provide companies with easily accessible answers.


Customer Service

If you have a question about the Certification or at any point in the Canopy Certified Program, you can get in touch with Canopy by emailing [email protected].

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