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Canopy Certified Program Information


The Canopy Certified Program is an online certification that guides Kentucky for-profit companies through the process of operationalizing their internal and external Good. The Canopy Certification is meant to be a simple entryway to the greater Good Business Movement. Entities working in this space include Canopy Certified, B Labs, Triple Bottom Line Businesses, and Public Benefit Corporations (PBCs).


The Canopy Certified Program is an online certification that guides Kentucky for-profit companies through the process of operationalizing their Good: the work they do for their people, community, and environment. The Certification is a one-size-fits-all model that can be used by businesses of any size, in any industry.

The Canopy Certification allows companies to move from Good Business fundamentals to greater sophistication by measuring impact, setting goals, and continuously improving over time.

Certification content is sourced through best practices and expert feedback. Since Good Business is constantly changing, Canopy consistently conducts research that grounds the Certification in current best practices and real world applications.

Canopy Certified Companies are committed to operating with the best interest of Kentucky and its people in mind as they grow profit and work to solve our social, economic, and environmental problems. A Canopy Certified Company provides verification of its continuous efforts to treat people well, lead with integrity, and positively impact the communities in which they serve.


The Canopy Certified Program is designed to be:

  • A simple, accessible, and affordable approach for all types of companies wishing to becoming a better business
  • Focused on Kentucky businesses, addressing Kentucky’s issues, and created by Kentuckians
  • Valuable for companies in company culture, social and environmental impact, profitability, and more
  • Flexible with a mix of requirements, resources, and electives


Canopy Fundamentals

Companies enrolled in the Canopy Certification begin by completing all required points of inquiry in the Canopy Fundamentals. Canopy Fundamentals serve as a foundation for the Good Business practices that companies will be implementing throughout the program. After approval of Canopy Fundamentals, a company earns Canopy Certification, and has twelve months to live out and fulfill commitments made during the Canopy Fundamentals before they may begin Continuous Improvement.


When companies commit to becoming a Good Business, it is important to take an internal and external approach. This is why the Canopy Certification is built upon four tracks of focus aimed at wholistically addressing various components of Good Business:

  • External Impact: Activities related to a business’s Social and Environmental Commitment Statements are tracked and measured
    • Topics include: Commitment statement creation, Good Business awards and designations, philanthropic giving, volunteer efforts, and organizational partnerships
  • Leadership: Establishing leadership commitment to Good Business values and practices
    • Topics include: Improvement, transparency, accountability, accessibility, and social and environmental progress
  • Culture: Employees are honored, respected, and celebrated within the organization
    • Topics include: Employee engagement, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), positive work environment and support, financial wellness, and benefits
  • Governance: Doing Good is captured in both company processes and policies so leaders and employees can hold each other accountable to Good Business practices
    • Topics include: Board of Directors or Oversight Committee, policies, and business strategy
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